City of Whittier

 With its convenient location and small town feel, Whittier was ranked as one of the top 100 cities in live in the United States, according to

Ranked at 82, Whittier is recognized for its family-friendly environment, its urban forestry with plenty of trees and various sets of hills, and prime location in proximity to major sports teams, airports, colleges and universities.

“We’re very proud and it’s fantastic for our community to be recognized this way,” City Manager Jeff Collier.



Nestled in the suburbs of Los Angeles County, Whittier has a population of more than 85,000 residents, majority of who are 34 years old and younger.

Livability notes that Whittier is home to mostly single individuals and families.

“Families are a very strong component in our community,” Collier said.

“I think part of determining a community’s wellness in relation to public safety, which may be similar to the methodology used in this study, is to not only identify crime trends through raw statistical data but to engage the community to understand their perception of feeling safe,” Whittier police Chief Jeff Piper said. “Often, it is not the crime statistics reported to the FBI that generate concern but the quality of life issues such as fast traffic, vandalism, and unkept residential properties.”



“With that said, the Whittier Police Department embraces the community policing philosophy through our Public Service Area policing structure, community engagement, and focus on professional service,” Piper said. “These actions generate mutual cooperation, trust and support and in my opinion, creates the foundation for a safe and livable city.”